Christone is preparing for summer concerts on Cote d’Azur

36570_438969632797496_706937060_nFrom next week on Christone will be visiting bars and clubs on the French Riviera. He will be arranging for concerts to take place this summer .

You can follow his preparatory tour here on facebook.
Hoping to hear from you soon.

1-hour Christone interview on a major Hungarian radio station

One of the most important Hungarian radio stations, NEO FM (100.8 in Budapest or is broadcasting an interview made by Gábor Kalácska with Christone starting at 22:00 on Tuesday March 6.
During their conversation you can hear 4 songs by Christone.

We have signed a contract with a Budapest downtown radio

Dear Fans,
I am glad to let you know that we have signed a contract with a Budapest downtown radio called KONTAKT (FM 87,6), which has undertaken to be a major sponsor of ours so you can listen to our songs online on the following
website: at the times below:
Thank you,

New song featuring Ines Zizich

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Dear Fans,
A new song featuring the Croatian hard rock star Ines Zizich is to come this week.
You can find out more about Ines, who recently performed in the Berlin Olympic Stadium, on the following link:

The new song is coming

The new song featuring Congolese rapper called Mavy was recently recorded and it is to be uploaded this weekend.
The song will be companied by some photos taken during the recording sessions.
Thanks for the comments and ideas relating to all the songs recorded in the framework of World Music Project.
I am still looking forward to your thoughts and advice concerning the project and/or the songs.

The project is up and running

Christone was born thanks to the enthusiasm of many of you.
Special thanks to my vocal trainer Gabriella Magyar, the musicians Betty Balássy, Máté Hámori, Ce Mastropasqua, Álbert Juvé and other world music participants, the photographer Zoltán Dévai, the stylists and the backup staff Laura Konkoly, Noémi Fogl, Andrea Deák, Krisztina Fátrai, Gabriella Szabó, the homepage designer Attila Mogyorósi, the project coordinators Ekaterina Brus and Nikoletta Gégény.
I want the world music project to keep expanding. Please contact me if you would like to be part of it…
Thank you!

New song by Christone

Thank you for your opinions and support, we’re putting the final touches to the 3rd song, which is to be uploaded on Sunday!
We’re looking forward to your further comments on both the music and the lyrics..
Thanks again!

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